General design and manufacturing

Fresh Resin panels are made from eco-resin, a specially formulated, high-performance co-polyester resin which incorporate 40% post-industrial re-grind content. Various natural materials, textiles and metals are hand placed and then sandwiched between resin panels to create highly visual, aesthetically pleasing decorative panels. These interlayer materials are bonded with resin to create a monolithic panel when complete.

Panel dimensions

Our standard panel size is 1220mm x 2440mm, but panels can be cut, drilled at installation, based on individual application requirements. Standard woodworking tools with tungsten carbide blades and bits can be used for fabrication purposes. Panel thickness is design dependent and ranges from 4mm to 12mm. Care should be taken to ensure that the panel thickness selected is appropriate for the type of application intended.

Care and maintenance considerations

Fresh Resin panels are easily cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent, applied with a soft sponge or cloth. As panels may scratch, the use of squeegees, scrubbing or using glass cleaning products, acetone, gasoline, benzine, lacquer thinner, chlorinated solvents, gritty abrasive scouring compounds or alkaline cleaners is not recommended.

Please see our handling, care and maintenance instructions for further detail.

Exposure to heat and outdoor use

Heat and exposure to other natural elements may cause warping, discoloration and wicking. We therefore do not recommend use in outdoor applications or areas with exposure to heat in excess of 40°C, whether sporadically or continuously.

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